Mapping New Zealand's marine values

19 Apr 2018 12:00 AM
Non-native species are recognised as one of the greatest threats to natural environments worldwide. Our ability to assess and manage these risks is hampered by a lack of information on the resources that should be protected and the impacts that non-native species will have upon them.
[Figure 2: In Environmental Values Report. NIWA] Detailed view of coastal cells in a complex area of the New Zealand coastline: Cook Strait and Marlborough Sounds.

To address this knowledge gap a project was initiated to map components of core environmental, economic and socio-cultural values around the New Zealand coastline.

This involved collation of existing data-sets and expert knowledge to create approximately 100 maps (layers) that are housed in an Geographic Information System (GIS).

The GIS layers represent raw (e.g., the location of species, habitats or place type) and summarised data (within 20 x 20 km coastal cells).


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